Was the FDA too slow or too fast in deciding on full approval for the first Covid vaccine? My thoughts at The Atlantic: The FDA Really Did Have to Take This Long.

Meanwhile, Peter Doshi continued his criticisms of Covid vaccines at BMJ Blogs, again arguing that no Covid vaccine should be fully approved until well into 2022 at the earliest. This time, he added another argument, and I tackled it at Absolutely Maybe: This "Waning Immunity" Argument Against the FDA's Covid Vaccine Approval is a Scientific Quagmire.

Also at Absolutely Maybe, a trio of posts on outstanding breakthroughs by 16 women in the first century of vaccine science – from discovering where in the body antibodies are made, identifying and naming the natural killer cells, and including a Nobel-prize-winning achievement: 1900-1930s (Part 1), 1940s-1960s (Part 2), and 1970s-1990s (Part 3).




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