From the last few months of 2021, some posts on science culture and practice:

I was an invited participant for a discussion at Metascience 2021, but had to pull out (the reason why, is at the end of this post. Simine Vizire graciously read some comments from me for the session, and I wrote up a blog post based on that:

That kicked off a flurry of social media comment, leading to another session on one of the examples I'd raised – open science badges – at the 2021 AIMOS conference. This time I did show up. The video of that 1-hour panel with Brian Nosek, Anisa Rowhani-Farid, and me, moderated by Steve Kambouris, is on YouTube.

And posts on Covid vaccines:

Finally, for those who follow this website, but not my Twitter account, and are wondering about why there's been such a downturn in posting. My life crumpled in September 2021, when I was shattered by the death of my son, Adam. I'm grateful for all the kindness sent my way in these dreadful months. With a heartfelt hug to everyone going through this, or other, intense grief.


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