A trip to England, started with speaking at a symposium on reproducibility of biomedical research: my first visit to the Wellcome Trust. And there was a whole lot of tweeting!

Next up: Oxford University to join in the exciting Evidence Live conference. You can catch up on that with two posts at PLOS Blogs - including a summary of my own talk: Evidence Live and Kicking (Part 1) and Rifts and Bright Spots in Evidence-Based Medicine.

Between meetings, a visit to the Royal Society's exhibition for the 350th anniversary of the first science journal fed into a blog post at PLOS Blogs: Peer Review BC (Before Citation).

Continuing on the road to updating old favorites, this month on Tumblr it was all about statistics: all about meta-analyses (and why they so often disagree!), does it work? (what would happen if a statistician did the ward rounds), and an epidemiologist's fairy tale: Goldilocks and the 3 Reviews.

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