First up this month, at Absolutely Maybe, Peak Gender Gap: Women at the Top of Science Agencies. In which I find the track record on gender and race in those who have held the peak position at major science agencies is often impossible to unearth online - and the number with unbroken all-male lineups is shockingly high. Hoping to prod a few more agencies into putting their lists of previous leaders online. Thanks to Wellcome Trust, who came to the party - so now we know Bridget Ogilvie, an Aussie scientist, became their first woman director in 1991.

At Wikipedia, I created a page for Audrey S. Penn, the first African-American woman to serve as director of an NIH Institute. The NIH (National Institute of Health) and NSF (National Science Foundation) in the US were the only major science funding agencies I could find that have had black women serving in peak positions. (Audrey Penn was the only one of them who didn't yet have a Wikipedia page.) Lots more inspiring women still missing, though!

I ended the month writing a post tackling the argument being made for changing the name of retractions and introducing new categories for them: Rebranding Retractions and the Honest Error Hypothesis. In which I conclude rebranding retractions isn't feasible and can't alone solve problems.



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