Scientific Publications


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Concern noted: a descriptive study of editorial expressions of concern in PubMed and PubMed Central. BioRxiv preprint, by Melissa Vaught, Diana C. Jordan and me. February, 2017. Open data in the Open Science Framework.

Institutional repository LinkOut: a new full text access feature in PubMed. NLM Technical Bulletin, 2017.

Biomedical journals and preprint services: friends or foes? Q&A/roundtable with John Ioannidis and others at Clinical Chemistry, 2016 (PDF).

     A list of previous key scientific publications is here.

I'm currently in the later stages of PhD research on issues related to systematic reviews of research, and publications have taken a back seat for a while.

Another area of professional interest for me is post-publication evaluation of scientific publications. I'm editor of PubMed Commons, a forum for commenting on biomedical publications.

    A list of all my PubMed Commons comments is here.